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After having dealt with a number of independent insurance agents over the years, it is refreshing to do business with an agent which we can place our complete confidence.
This is a letter of thanks for your responsible efforts in providing North County Welding School with a group insurance policy and key man insurance consistent with our needs and compatible with our cash flow as a small business . Your search for a life insurance policy to meet the specific circumstances of our receptionist greatly appreciated.
In addition, we would like to thank you for the personal attention given in the speedy and accurate information provided me in regards to restrictions on Mr. Hanson's policy.
Thank you!
Received January 20th, 1981

Kenneth Roth   

I am pleased to recommend Dan Anaya, an Insurance Agent with many years experience in the insurance and health care fields, to all Senior Citizens.
As Senior Citizens, his advice has been of inestimable value to my husband and myself. We hate found Mr. Anaya to be both caring and unselfish in his devotion of time to insurance programs, as well as its problems, which he has
handled for us without compensation.
His reputation within the North County Community is outstanding,
not only as a Certified Life Underwriter, but as a community activist who, over the years, has devoted time and
energy to worthwhile local charities and other activities.
I feel his expertice in the field of life underwriting and health care for seniors is unparalled.
I recommend him most highly.
Received September 14th, 1995

Mimi Craven   

We appreciate your recent birthday remembrance, and it is always good to hear from you .
Yes, we've stopped by San Marcos on one of our more recent trips South , but it was on specific appointment with other friends, and left no time for 'circulating'. But we will be back, rest assured, and will be giving you a buzz.
I am pleased to be able to report that all goes well with us . I seem to have recovered 100% (if there is such a
thing!) from my cardiac-- just one year ago; and am doing a lot of volunteer work at the VJ, in appreciation for the
fine care they took of me (and are still taking!)
Ruby is well and she'd better stay that way, or I'll trade her inl And we trust all is well with you and your fine kids.
If, as and when we sell this place, Dan, we'll be able to use something like another Single Premium Retirement Annuity.
But as it is, we're pretty well set, and with ~~no other income but the monthly Social Security , would be hard-pressed
to dig out another $10K! But our financial package is working out beautifully. We have been able, in these first two
years of retirement, to maintain our life-style while realising just about the same gross income as during my last couple of
years working. And with no reduction in the Nest Egg .
I don't Know how you could beat that! And, frankly, we feel we owe no small amount or that planning to your help and expertise. (And I'm sure you're a lot more •expert• now than you were five years ago!)
We trust that you are beginning to realize your own goals; and that all goes well with you.
You'll be getting a call from us when this cold, cold weather has finally left, and we can head your way again.
Received April 11th, 1985

Ruby and Don   

Thank you for your assistance and time and effort in helping us with the changes in the group medical benefits
for the coal miners. Your suggestions were invaluable and were very helpful in helping to implement the plan .
I know that you expended a lot of time, energy and long-distance calls to work out the details...
Received June 18th, 1981

Sidney A. Miller   

To whom it may concern;
This letter pertains to Daniel Anaya , New York Life Insurance agent with offices in Carlsbad , California , whose signature appears on the lower left-hand corner hereof . To identify myself I think the following background information is both necessary and pertinent.
In 1954 I was practicing law in Wahpeton , North Dakota, when President Eisenhower , with the advice and consent of the United States Senate, appointed me to the position of United States District Judge for the Territory of Alaska , Division Number Four, which position I held until Alaska gained statehood. With the advent of statehood, I became President and Chairman of the Board of the Alaska National Bank , with main offices in Fairbanks , Alaska. Following that position, I helped organize the Mt . McKinley Mutual Savings Bank of Fairbanks , Alaska, and was President and Chairman of the Board of that institution from its inception until I retired, January 1, 1976 , and moved to Vista , California , where I am presently living .
I sought Mr . Anaya ' s assistance in analyzing my life insurance program and solicited his recommendations . His first step was to take my insurance policies and contact the companies to verify the exact status of each policy . He then made a complete analysis and gave me his recommendations .
In summing up my experience with Mr. Anaya , I cannot help but admire his thoroughness , his devotion coupled with his intelligent and knowledgeable grasp of the insurance business . He definitely had my best interests in mind. I can and do strongly recommend Mr . Anaya to anyone needing life insurance or insurance counselling.
Received circa 1985

Vernon D. Forbes   

Thank you for the exceptional service you performed for myself and ILS at less than half the cost available from any of the other three sources I verified.
The extra coordination with Frontier National Bank was both timely and professional, causing no delays or lack of creditability in the near-crisis situation. The physical examination you arranged (partly in my office) was also both convenient and timely to meet required deadlines.
I look forward to the opportunity to recommend and refer your highly qualified and professional talent.
Received May 17th, 1983

William T. Baker   

I wish to take this opportunity to express my highest praise to Mr. Daniel Anaya and his assistant Corine. They have provided outstanding professional service. I further wish to express my gratitude for the patience and consideration show to me while navigating Medicare issues. I strongly recommend them to anyone so interested.
Joseph T. Hitrec

Joseph T. Hitrec   

Not only did HAIS help me find a great premium, they stay with you every step of the way to make sure everything stays comfortable and tight for the long haul. Any issue I've ever had, I have been able to call and speak with a real person who can help within minutes or a day at the most get the problem solved. I highly recommend their services to people who prefer to be well taken care of and the best part is that I can call them directly and deal with a real person. No automations. They know their stuff.

Jared M.   

I have been a client of Health Advocates for around 5 years. Dan and his staff have helped me with my medical insurance needs quickly and accurately. Every issue and option is explained in detail. Any problems that have come up have been dealt with promptly and successfully. I worked in IT for 30 years, all for large insurance companies. I have dealt with hundreds of agencies during that time. I can safely say that HAIS would be in the very top tier of insurance agencies. Service and reliability is top tier.

Gary M.   

Great, great great. The three most important words when you have to trust your insurance agent. I sell real estate and the words location, location location, are our BIBLE. For Daniel and Karina, the word is great, great great. Because i dont know how to describe how much they care about what you need and how to get it for you. Thank you Health Advocates.

Kelly C.   

Daniel set up a conference call with my insurance carrier and he fixed what I had been trying to fix for two months. Even though he was not my original broker and there probably wasn't a lot in it for him, he went out his way to help me. Thank you Daniel!

Health Advocates Insurance is the best, they got my premium lowered and I couldn't be happier with the customer service I received. Daniel is knowledgeable, professional and caring. I always feel that they have my best interest in mind. Thanks Daniel and thank you Liz for the follow up.

Don J.   

The team at Health Advocates Insurance Services are fantastic! Their follow up, comprehensive knowledge of current insurance plans and laws helped me tremendously! I would and have recommended them to family and friends.

Sarah C.   

This is indeed the best insurance agent I have ever come across in San Diego, such a friendly gentleman and reliable 100%.

Jason C.   

Daniel and his team offer comprehensive and professional services. They did the research for me and discussed pros & cons of multiple available options and helped to select the right healthcare plan for my needs. He's responsive and very friendly. Excellent customer support. I'd highly recommend his services and expertise.

Ashka Gordon   

Corina saved the day! My coverage is restored and I got to fix my plan. CCA issues? Call.

Rick R.   

LOVE this team!!! Helped us out in a pinch when my husbands employer ran off with our premiums and we were left uninsured!!! Best service and friendly too! Thank you Dan and Corina and Liz!!!!

AB Gilis   

Dan, Corina and the team have been so helpful words can do no justice. They are life savers I have been a pest with so many questions and changes to my plan throughout the past few years. Yet, they always handle it with kind words and patience. Do not know what I would do without them. Thank you guys so much for all your help.

Johnathan Cestnik   

Dan Anaya and his staff did a great job for me. They really went out of the way for me in many ways. Thanks again Dan.

Tom Kundinger   

Mr.Anaya and Corina have been very helpful in assisting us with all of our health insurance needs. I highly recommend their services.

Ada Longo   

Dan Anaya is my boss and he is really a great guy to work for. I would recommend him to anyone for his fun and caring attitude. He creates a great work environment!

Zachary Sugano   

It is my distinct pleasure to highly recommend Health Advocates Insurance Services, Inc. for your insurance needs. Mr. Dan Anaya is a seasoned professional with credentials beyond compare. He is not only smart but his ethics are above reproach. His knowledge of various other plans of coverage is extensive and his advice on the program best suited to your needs will undoubtedly give you the most complete package at a cost with your means.

Both Dan and his staff are well trained and ready and able to assist you when you call.

Best Regards,


George Pistay   

I have been very happy to have Dan and his wonderful staff assisting me in navigating the complex 'maze' of health and Medicare services. Like most people, I only had health care by fixed employer plans, and only needed care very rarely (except for periodic dental and vision services).
Thanks to Dan and the Ladies of his office (who help Dan remember details and get the complex paperwork done!)

Thorsten Strom   

I was referred to Dan Anaya by a friend of mine. I was very impressed with his service and would recommend him to anyone looking for a health insurance agent.

Claudia Schulze   

Having the opportunity to work with a professional like Dan for some 30 years has proven to be an exceptional experience. I knew I could always expect honesty and dedication to providing the right scenario for my family. The office staff, past and present, have been fabulous taking care of the ground work.

Susan Wilson   

I just wanted to write a note to thank the “Health Advocates Insurance Services, Inc.” team for their great help in assisting me with the needed insurance when I turn 65. Between receiving about 30 more letters, I was overwhelmed and confused! I stopped by to see Dan and his staff, and they got started on it right away. They knew what questions to ask me and who to call to get the answers we needed! I was very impressed with their help and would highly recommend their assistance to anyone! Thanks again Dan, Corina, and Lizbeth! You made a tough and confusing situation manageable!

Jimmy A. Rehus   

Dan Anaya and Corina Guillen were highly recommended to me from a good friend.Dan and his team wasted no time.Within a few minutes he was able to educate me on a mishap made by Social Security.I was already enrolled with an insurance plan.Dan completed the paper leaving no headaches to deal with. Dan and his team I highly recommend for your insurance needs.

Mario M. Lira   

I first discovered Dan Anaya when I was searching for compliance with Obamacare. He was very helpful and pleasant with that confusing process. Then I needed him again when it came to sorting through the maze of Medicare options. Bingo - no hassle, no sweat, no confusion - rely on the expert and professional, and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. It's like dealing with a trusted family member. I have personally witnessed Dan dealing with the bureaucracy and details, and been glad it's him instead of me. Thank you Dan!

Tracy Tippetts   

We needed to enter the train wreck of Covered CA for my wife. I called on the expert. Dan and Corina, quickly and efficiently, took care of our needs

Paul Lecocq   

Dan, Corina, and staff at Health Advocates are the best. After Obamacare, every member of my family required new health coverage. Dan and Corina are tireless at finding the best coverage for our needs and always pleasant to work with despite the quagmire that Obamacare has caused. Both Dan and Corina are undercover saints.

Amanda Russell   

For more than 30 years Dan Anaya and his wonderful team have provided excellent service to our entire family as well as our company needs. Dan is on top of the latest insurance products and best values available. He doesn't allow our policies to languish, regularly checking to keep our insurance pertinent with our needs. We enthusiastically recommend Dan, Corina, and team ;)!!!!

Mike and Marilyn Beaudry   

I have nothing but good things to say about Dan Anaya and his staff. Their professional and caring attitude helped me get a good insurance rate and they walked with me through the whole process. I would recommend them for any health insurance services you may need.

Cheryl Adcox   

Thank you Dan and Carina wholeheartedly for your excellent guidance through that jungle of the healthcare industry!!!

Carlos Concepcion   

Dan Anaya has been our agent for many years and has provided us with excellent advise and service. We have health issues in our family that made getting insurance difficult. Dan worked the system for us and made what seemed impossible, possible. Recently we have been having issues with our insurance provider. It has been a nightmare, but Dan has used his expertise to navigate us through a very difficult situation. I don't know what we would have done without him. I highly recommend Dan and his whole very professional staff.

Dina Tilton   

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Marie Brice   

It is been such a pleasure working with them. The team is efficient, helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me through my insurance process. I couldn't have do e it without them. I recomwd them to any one who is finding difficult to sign up for Obama Care. If they were not helping me I would have given up. So thank you.

Chetna Bhatt   

I highly recommend Daniel Anaya's professional services. He and his staff treat the clients in old traditional business ways. This is very precious in today's market. They are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy customers.

Mary Cen   

Dan Anaya and his staff were a tremendous help to me in getting me my health insurance through Covered California. I highly recommend their services for anyone struggling to make sense of insurance coverage. The are FANTASTIC!

Babette Corby   

I found Dan Anaya on the Covered California agent referral list and decided to contact him for help with health insurance for myself and my wife. He responded immediately, and accommodated an appointment for me the very next day. My experience there was nothing short of fantastic. We reviewed various plans and he found the perfect one for our situation. Within an hour I was signed up and on my way. He is very knowledgable as is his staff, and together they made it a very smooth, very professional and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dan without any reservation.

Alberto Moreno   

Dan helped me to navigate through a difficult health insurance issue. He was always available and made sure that my efforts to get coverage were successful during the Obamacare confusion. Kind and helpful. Corina is great, too!! Thanks, Dan!!

Amanda Russell   

Dan Anaya has provided our family with our insurance needs for over 25 years. He is very knowledgeable in every aspect of insurance from health, life, disability etc. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and never settles until he has an answer to any question that may arise. He is a trusted friend, and I would without hesitation recommend Dan Anaya to anyone seeking competent and quality customer service for all their insurance needs.

Angel D.   

Dan Anaya and staff (Corina;)!!) have been stellar in helping my family of 6 find individual health plans. He is a knowledgeable and relentless advocate for his clients. During the recent rush-up for mandatory health coverage, Dan stayed on top of our insurance needs until each member of our family had secured great coverage. I highly recommend Dan Anaya.

Marilyn Beaudry   

While trying to figure out how to sign up for the new health care I came across an ad for Dan Anaya. After sending him an email he contacted me and got the process started and made sure that I was actually enrolled. He is very courteous, does what he says he will do and answers all your questions promptly. I don't know how I would have gotten through the process without him.

Kathy Grooms   

Dan Anaya has been our health care agent for almost twenty years. He is very knowledgeable and if he is not sure of something, he’ll find out on the spot or get back to you asap. We appreciate that he meets with us personally and that our conversations are always enjoyable and productive, never rushed. Recently he has been a big help guiding our grown children though all the confusion of the new health care choices. We highly recommend him and his staff as well.

Sincerely, Jan and Arlene Mattson

Jan and Arlene Mattson